Saturday, May 9, 2015

Masters' 132 Great Ideas for Kentucky Tomorrow

Masters' 132 Great Ideas for Kentucky Tomorrow

Masters' Great Idea #1: Hire 3 Chiefs, Create 3 Jobs on Day 1. A Lieutenant Governor in Kentucky makes $117,000 per year. I would take $30,000 as my salary, and the rest of the salary—$87,000—would be used to hire 3 new Chiefs at $29,000/year a piece these 3 major initiatives: 1) Citizen's Complaint Authority Chief (which covers Great Ideas #2 - 12); 2) War on Poverty Chief (#13), and; 3) Kentucky's Silicone Valley Website Chief (#26).

#2: Institute Citizen's Complaint Authority Board. All public officials should have an open door for folks to investigate all serious complaints. The Citizen Compliant Authority Board will be ran out of the Lieutenant Governor's office.

#3: Prosecute the murderers of Samantha Ramsey, Jesse Gibbons, and Leon Brackens.

#4: Body Cameras Mandatory on All Officers. Let the videotape vindicate good officers doing their jobs.

#5: Amnesty by pardon of Deric Lostutter (KyAnonymous); bar Ohio from being extraditing him.

#6: For all police departments, a “Shop with a Cop” program will be a mandatory End of the Year Celebration.

#7: Establish County Civilian Review Boards for all 120 counties.

#8: Criminalize Enhancement Charges (those charges that are “tacked” on the specific crime to provide for a wider spectrum of possible guilt; usually used to cover up crimes).

#9: Codify Proper Procedure for CopWatch.

#10: All public officials must pass an annual Kentucky Constitution review. A Bill of Rights, Kentucky Constitution, New Laws, and Annual Legal Assessments administered to all public officials so that all of Kentucky's public officials understand that they're to uphold the sacred democratic tradition of the Rule of Law.

#11: All Public Surveillance Cameras Must Be Fully Accessible to the Public, 24/7, Online.

#12: $5,000 fine for interfering with anybody for videotaping.

#13: War on Poverty Task Force established. Target by 2020, poverty will be cut in half (12.5%); by 2025, eviscerated (0%).

#14: Kentucky Employee Free Choice Act (KyEFCA) passed; all business's with 15 employees or more must have an election on Jan 1, to have a vote on whether or not they want to unionize without employer intimidation. The employees of Kentucky on their own free will, will decide if they believe they'd benefit from a union or not.

#15: Pass an Economic Bill of Rights.

#16: Establish a Trash-to-Electric Program, using Sweden as a model

#17: Free Transportation to Jobs. Buses, “Jobs on Wheels”, 4 poor rural folks, to connect unemployed to work, as well as helping with their resume.

#18: 120 County Job Banks implemented by Judge-Executives. A Job Bank gives anybody who wants 2 work 4 a lil bit of $, or needs to work... a job. If you want to work, gubment should have sumthing for you. In America, if you do not have a job, you die. Unemployment should be nonexistent. If you want to work, you should be able to do so.

#19: Draft a Tenant Rights Bill.

#20: Financial and legal advisers provided for all Kentuckians (State Treasurer's Office).

#21: Freeze Rent Rates for 3 years.

#22: Freeze Tuition Rates for 10 years.

#23: Robin Hood Flat Tax. Tax the 1% at 11%, Same as Middle Class; Work Towards Progressive Tax Structure.

#24: All tax loopholes for luxury expenses would be closed.

#25: Day 1 celebrate “Gay Day” (ie January 1, 2016) in honor of the final liberation of the homosexual masses in Kentucky with a Cannabis garden on front steps of Capitol. By having a culture conducive to not only tolerance, but acceptance, we'd also see an “economic stimulus” that would reverberate from as far west as the Kentucky Bend on the Mississippi River in Fulton County to the easternmost point in Kentucky, the Tripoint of the Tugfork River in Pike County; from the southernmost point in the Kentucky lake, 10 miles southeast of New Concord in Calloway County, to the most northern point northwest of Hebron in Boone County, next to the Ohio River, let freedom ring!

#26: Pass Kentucky's Silicone Valley Act. Work on having a website where all the people of Kentucky can vote on a single issue, pure democracy; Develop a Direct and Pure Democracy Website.

#28: Like Code Louisville, Code Kentucky would be established, technology education would be taught for free, to give poor folks more opportunities.

#29: High-speed Broadband Internet for Everybody, 1 big pole. Affordable High-Speed Broadband Internet (free to $10/month) would be provided for every single 4.3 million Kentuckians, especially the 800,000 in poverty. Set it up like Minneapolis.

#30: Develop a “What Kentucky Does For You” website (or add a page to a website). Kentucky government website that explains what services Kentucky's 12 Executive Cabinets provide for the general public. Or a fresh brand new smoother website, that highlights all the government programs Kentucky has to offer, and cut those programs which offer nothing; website to make Kentucky programs and services more effective. Increase government effectiveness of providing goods and services to the people;

#31: All Government Budgets Throughout the State Published Online.

#32: All Government Meetings Throughout the State must be Video Recorded and Published Online.

#33: Referendum, Recall, and Initiative implemented.

#34: Institutionalize Debates; all of Kentucky's Universities should have had debates for all Kentucky's 7 statewide races, as well as Eastern Kentucky Supreme Court race; start Kentucky Debate, LLC.

#35: Build as many community colleges, vocation schools, adult gymnasiums, and hospitals as is needed; University, or Professional School buildings; Construct all the Hospitals, Gymnasiums, and Schools that Kentuckians need with the $ from #73 (buy Humana, KFC, and 10 Gas Stations) Great Idea.

#36: Assemble a team of Grant Writers to aggressively go after every federal grant possible.

#37: Adhere to the Principle of Net Neutrality.

#38: Post all old microfilm newspapers and other historic info on Kentucky's government webpage.

#39: A sleek and integrated discovery tourism website would be constructed for folks to discover Kentucky campsites, hiking trails, historical sites, national parks, lakes, rivers, creeks, streams, tulip poplars, goldenrods, brachiopods, agates, crider soil, and gray squirrels.

#40: Implement Instant Run-off Voting (IRV), to increase voter turnout, by offering more choices, and to make elections free, fair, and equal.

#41: A “Small Businesses of Kentucky” website would be constructed, to develop entrepreneurs, start-up seeding costs, and to provide legal and financial services

#42: Ban the restrictions of allowing 18 year old Kentucky citizens, and up, to run for any and all political offices.

#43: KET 4 all 120. A county KET Internet news channel would be set-up for all 120 counties.
Social Internet Media News for Every County in Kentucky. Community broadcasting access for all working people.

#44: Cheerlead for Corporate HQs to Set-up Shop Here. Cheerlead more corporate HQs and hope they'll join Houchens and Yum Brands, and see the economic opportunities happening here in Kentucky, and set up shop here.

#45: Declare All Election Days as National Holidays, Primaries included. All schools, governments, and businesses shut down on Election Day, to give working class folks time to research the issues and candidates, and to go vote.

#46: Fuck Corruption Up. All corrupt officials would be fired, immediately. Only smart, capable, affable, honest, moral, and qualified folks would hold positions of state authority. Reassess all of the 12 Cabinets, and their dozen sub-Cabinets; cut out waste. Cut Non-Essential Personnel, Redundancies, Waste, and Overlap.

#47: All 41 Jail-less Jailers would be fired. Section 105 of Kentucky's Constitution says if there's no reason to have a Jailer, say, if a county doesn't even have a jail, then the Sheriff takes over the Jailers' duties. This saves over $2 Million Dollars for Kentucky's taxpayers.

#51: Ban County attorneys from getting a portion, aka “skimming off the top”, of child support payments. I'd push for Line-Item Veto on these funds, as well as all other corrupt officials' salaries.

#52: All public officials' salaries must be capped at $41,000 (the median income of Kentuckians); this cuts Kentucky's State budget in half; we'll never have a shortfall ever again. Cut all 6 figure pay; Treasurer, Governor, Supreme Court Judges, Appeals Court Judges, Circuit Court Judges, District Court Judges... all make 6 figures a year. $40,000 is all a person needs to live on; these aristocrats... should be able to live on the same salary that average middle class Kentuckians live on. $41,000 is over a 60% cut in pay. There's 35,000 State Employees, with at least hundreds making 6 figure or more salary.

#53: Stop double-dipping of State Pensions. Double-dipping is also called stealing.

#54: No Nepotism. All Cabinet Chiefs (“Secretaries”) would be fired, and all new hires would be hired through a merit-based application system.

#55: Scour the Bluegrass landscape, searching for any corrupt criminal banker to throw into prison.

#56: Central Bank. Research the viability of a Central Bank... a Central Bank for Kentucky would add extra security to our financial stability. Being a poor state, an economic crisis hits our state harder than the other 50 states. A Central Bank would add an extra leg to stand on, a foundation to America's financial situation for Kentuckians, as well as foreign investors. A Central Bank can also dabble a small percentage in Bitcoin, maybe precious metals, and foreign currencies to hedge our bets on the strength of the American dollar. Use North Dakota as a model.

#57: Pass the Kentucky Glass-Steagall for the 21st Century Act.

#58: Institutionalize Socialism. Protect Maternity Leave and Paid Childcare.

#59: Protect the Transportation Cabinet and it's Socialist Salt Trucks.

#60: Keep Socialist Schools. Protect K-12 and College Spending, as long as Civics and democratic institutions are implemented into Public Schools, Primary, Secondary, and University.

#61: Keep WIC.

#62: Keep Women's Crisis Center.

#63: Pass Sick Days.

#64: Keep LIHEAP.

#65: Keep Food Stamps.

#66: Keep Disability.

#67: Free Public transportation.

#68: Change FM radio to Digital.

#69: Protect Planned Parenthood.

#70: Aggressive grant writing staff; create incentives for independent grant writers.

#71: KentuckyCare. Protect Medicaid. Work towards single-payer healthcare. for, include a public option for health insurance, called YoungCare.

#72: Expand to include car and home insurance exchanges too; include public options; work towards single-payer home and car insurance. Consider doing home and car insurance exchanges separately.

#73: Buy 10 gas stations, KFC, Humana. Buying 10 gas stations was serve as a stabilizing force for Kentucky's gasoline market. Aim to drop gasoline costs down to $2, maybe $1 a gallon, like it was in the 1990s during the Clinton years.

#74: Implement Voucher Program for public education; Kentucky's parents should be able to choose which school they want their children to go to.

#75: Adopt a Student's Bill of Rights; Primary, Secondary, and College.

#76: Abolish Homelessness with the Kentucky Christian Compassion Act 2016 (Chriz Payne). Churches must house the homeless, or be taxed equally just like everybody else.

#77: Nationalize Parks, Trees, and Mountains, Kentucky Proud.

#78: Legalize Unionized Charter Schools (for the Talented 10th) Legislate some, any, pathway to Charter Schools. If even with nearly impossible standards, with some, any, pathway to Charter Schools, more funds from Race to the Top can be successfully acquired. See Louisville's Magnet Schools to see how the Charter Schools throughout the rest of Kentucky can be set-up.

#79: Pass the Kentucky Homestead Act of 2016 (Land Reform). End industrialized farming; bring back family farms. Agrarian Society. Land and homes for the landless and homeless.

#80: Nationalize Coal; Unionized Coal Mines.

#81: Water for Letcher Countians. Nationalize Kentucky's Water; mandate Coal Severance Tax to go to getting all Eastern Kentucky citizens some municipal water, or individual wells, so we can ionize and filter our own water, be water self-sufficient, self-reliant.

#82: Change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day.

#83: Legalize Freedom By Any Means Necessary. Nationalize Cannabis, Kentucky Proud Legalize Cannabis, decriminalize all drugs; use hybrid Portugal/Colorado model.

#84: Disband from the NSA, Cite State Sovereignty.

#85: Opt out of the Patriot Act, Cite State Sovereignty.

#86: Restore voting rights to ex-felons.

#87: Abolish the seat belt law.

#88: All Senior Citizens would be exempt from Fishing and Hunting Licenses.

#89: Ban Red Light Cameras.

#90: A 2016 Constitutional Convention, Outlaw Lawyers from being our

#91: Legalize yard sales.

#92: Task Force to see the viability for a GMI. GMI (Guaranteed Minimum Income) cuts out so much waste, as well eradicating poverty; Eradicate Poverty with the Guaranteed Minimum Income (GMI)

#93: GMO Labels on all products.

#94: Moratorium on Fracking will be Issued until Horizontal Technology Energy Company can prove that it's benefit to the public good outweighs it's costs.

#95: Hydroelectric dams built everywhere.

#96: Construct Gatewood's Lake, with a Dam in Frankfort on the Kentucky River; build a statue of Gatewood at it's entrance.

#97: Require all coal ash sludge ponds to: 1) be completely dried out; 2) be sealed with a double liner of clay and a synthetic material; 3) have groundwater monitoring, and; 4) have a collection and containment system put in place in case of a spill.

#98: Invest in Alternative Energy Sources besides the Big 3, Oil, Nuclear, and Coal, such as: 1-Biomass (Switch Grass and Hemp); 2-Photovoltaic; 3-Low-head; 4 Hydro; 5 Geothermal Power; 6 Natural Gas; 7 Wind; 8 Wood; 9 Sugar Batteries; 10 Our Own Heartbeats; 11 Walking; 12 Methane; 13 Solar; 14 Horses, and; 15 Electromagnetic.

#99: Solar power target, in 5 years, by 2020, 50% of Kentuckians' rooftops will be covered with solar power; allow residents to sell electricity to neighbors.

#100: Pass the energy reduction bill, where a certain percentage of Kentucky's energy has to come from clean sources, not Coal, Oil, or Nuclear.

#101: Initiate bed bug task force.

#102: Make deadbeat landlords who do not return people's deposit into a Class B misdemeanor.

#103: Finish “the Kentucky History Project”; all Kentucky newspapers ever printed, posted online.

#104: The Hollywood Appalachian Hills. Start a Movie Production Company. Make films based off of Kentucky history. Promote all things Kentucky.

#105: Modernize all government systems.

#106: $1,000 fine for not voting; Voter turnout rate will be at 90%.

#107: No Kill or Enemies Hit List; the Governor's chair isn't for my personal vendettas, but to make sure all Kentuckians succeed.

#108: Let schools donate leftovers to homeless.

#109: Consider billboards on sides of buses and government buildings to raise revenue; charge higher dollar values for basketball gyms, football fields, soccer fields, and baseball fields.

#110: State workers' Pensions protected.

#111: Set-up a text 911 system.

#112: Political bootcamp for new government leaders, like Emerge, only effective, and equal.

#113: Saturday hours for Citizen Action, and other local government agencies, so that qualified working people, can benefit as well.

#114: 99% Emerge; Most political positions, county and State, would be occupied by local working class folks.

#115: All “Not guilty” and dismissed cases will be immediately expunged off of your record, without any extra legal fees, or court costs.

#116: May 20, victory lap around all 50 States.

#117: November 4, start a transition team to start working on shoveling the pig shit out, bleaching everything, and work towards civilizing democracy. A Woodstock at the Capitol party would be held.

#118: An Ambitious and Aggressive Grant Writer's Program: All Successful Grant Writer's get paid, even if autonomously done, independently.

#119: Kentucky's State Pension, do Stumbo's Plan.

#120: Kentucky Nationals? Start a professional sports team, State-owned, voter-approved, with it's name, head coach, players to be determined by popular referendum at the ballot. It's a way to keep homegrown college basketball talent here in the State.

#121: Pass Minimum Wage. Work towards $15 - $20 an hour. “Australia pays almost $5000 more than its runner up as a minimum wage. The annual earnings of anyone who works legally in Australia is $34.358 ($2863) and the working week in the country takes 38 hours total. These numbers make Australia the top-minimum-wage-paying country in the world!”

#123: Protect Pregnant Woman Worker's Rights, such as Nicole Naughler's family #saveourfamily #ky10 #kentucky10.

#124: Allow Kentuckians to purchase cheaper prescription pills from Canada.

#125: Change Kentucky's State Flower, from the Goldenrod, to the Cannabis Flower, the most evolved plant on Planet Earth.

#126: $1M jackpot for some lucky voter to raise turnout rates (UK got $135 Million Dollars to build a huge building dedicated to curing cancer, even though Kentuckians grow the cure for cancer as our #1 cash crop).

#128: Ban 4-Profit Prisons; incarceration shouldn't be for profit; neither should education and healthcare.

#129: Protect Math and English (Common Core); Mandate all Kentuckians to be able to read by the end of Kindergarten; Increase Literacy to 100%; also, understand simple addition and subtraction.

#130: Oppose all tolls, roads or bridges.

#131: Ban Circumcision, Male and Female.

#132: Kill Monsanto.


“German Labor Front for Germany's workers, and he outlawed striking, and collective bargaining. Now collective bargaining would be by an agent Hitler picked out personally, and the agreements Hitler's agent agreed to, was bound by law.” ~Masters [link]

“Now, we're all here today, dancing stardust, with consciousness, in this thing together, whatever it's called, to survive and thrive, to care for each other, to love, to cherish, to hold, and to liberate, by any means necessary.” ~Masters [link]

"There's too much dumb behavior in Kentucky. We shouldn't ever have to say, “I can't believe that 5 year old shot that 2 year old... twice.”" ~Masters


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