Tuesday, May 19, 2015

My Proposed 2016 Budget 4 Ky: End Ky Corruption Now

Scroll down to the bottom for the picture of the 12 Cabinets, and the positions I'd eliminate.

Under the Governor is the Secretary of the Cabinet, also known as, at least for the West Wing, as “the Chief of Staff”, which sounds stronger than Secretary... but Stalin started out as a Secretary, so, you know. One can take the seemingly smallest position, and expand it's power to include genociding over 40 million Russians.

Kentucky employs a bunch of State workers. 35,000 folks work for Kentucky, with most of them making over 6 figures.

Underneath the Secretary of the Cabinet are the 12 Cabinets to the Executive Branch of State Government. Here's a list:

1- General Government Cabinet (GGC)
Frankfort Investor Steals $9 Million from Kentucky Retirement Systems (KRS): http://www.kentucky.com/2015/04/21/3811783_fanancier-who-stole-millions-from.html?rh=1
Total Expenditure of KRS: $26M (2013)

2- Economic Development Cabinet (EDC)

3- Transportation Cabinet (TC)

4- Finance & Administration Cabinet (FAC)
*44 Sub-Cabinets

5- Tourism, Arts, & Heritage Cabinet (TAHC)

6- Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC)

7- Cabinet for Health & Family Services (CHFS)

8- Justice & Public Safety Cabinet (JPSC)

9- Personnel Cabinet (PC)

10- Labor Cabinet (LC)

11- Energy & Environment Cabinet (EEC)

12- Public Protection Cabinet (PPC)

Terri Holliday's Education Department Organization:http://ballotpedia.org/File:KY_edu_org_chart.JPG

These Cabinets are filled by appointments. While a transition between an exchange of power can fire them all and replace them with their own people, the government operates smoother by retaining most of these positions, and therefore, government can “keep working”. But sometimes government is broken, and doesn't help the people like it's supposed to do.


Education & Workforce Development: $3.8B
Health & Family Services $2B
Universities: $1.2B
General Government $839.5M
Justice & Public Safety: $675.7M
Finance & Administration $597.3M
Energy & Environment $81.3M
Tourism, Arts & Heritage $46.4M
Economic Development: $31.6M
Public Protection $6.7M
Transportation: $5.8M
Labor: $4.7M
Personnel $1.3M


Total Funds (Federal plus State)

Health & Family Services $8.3B
Education & Workforce Development: $7.3B
Universities: $5.9B
Transportation: $5.1B
General Government $1.4B
Justice & Public Safety: $887M
Finance & Administration $643M
Energy & Environment $273M
Tourism, Arts & Heritage $225M
Labor: $216M
Public Protection $114M
Personnel $61M
Economic Development: $42M


The 10 Economic Classes in Society are:

1- Uber Rich

2- Ultra Rich

3- Super Rich

4- Rich ($250,000 and up)

5- Upper Middle Class ($100,000 - $250,000)

6- Lower Middle Class ($41,000-$100,000)

7- Working Class ($12,000 - $41,000)

8- Working Poor Class (below $12,000, with job)

9- Poor (below $12,000, with no job)

10- Homeless Class

Obama's $250,000 threshold for rich versus poor is very generous... that one Fox News lady said $250,00 is poor... lol. Wow. I'm sure glad some of us has it that good. To me, that's filthy fk'n stinking rich, but what's a tomato to one is a Scrooge McDuck gold money bin to another... right?

No... she's crazy. Chris Rock said if we understood just how well the wealthy in this country lived, we're revolt immediately. Somebody else said the very same thing about the entire banking and finance industry.

$250,000 is the threshold I'll adopt for high middle class. Over $250,00 is rich.

The Average Income in Kentucky is $41,141 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_U.S._states_by_income or $41,806. “According to a joint economic committee report http://www.jec.senate.gov/public/index.cfm?p=Reports1&ContentRecord_id=3c252eaa-f7bb-465d-bf7e-38eb4eaefd18&ContentType_id=efc78dac-24b1-4196-a730-d48568b9a5d7&Group_id=c120e658-3d60-470b-a8a1-6d2d8fc30132&MonthDisplay=1&YearDisplay=2014 from the U.S. Congress, Kentucky has the fourth lowest median household income — $41,806, based on 2012 dollars.

So, we'll say, $41,000. That's the MEDIAN income for Kentucky. It doesn't reflect how many very poor or very rich folks we have, but it does say where the income level is for most Kentuckians.

$41,000 is a good job. That's working class. That's middle class. It's … Lower middle class.

That's where all politicians income should be capped at. No politician should make more than their people. We rise with our class, not above our class.

Working class is between middle and working poor... working a 40 hour job, lives okay.

Working class is less than $41,000 and more than $14,000.

Working poor class is the class that works a 40 hour job, but is still poor.

The Federal Poverty line $11,770 for an individual, and $24,250 for a family of 4. http://aspe.hhs.gov/poverty/15poverty.cfm If you work 40 hour a week job, and make less than the Federal Poverty line, then you are in the “working poor” class.

These jobs should be illegal. Nobody should work a full-time job and still be below the poverty line.

The Homeless Class have absolutely nothing, and is dependent on food scraps found on the ground, or the random generosity of a passerby who truly believes they're actually homeless.

The Homeless Class, and poverty in general, is proof positive that Capitalism doesn't fix all ills in society, and so, therefore, giving lots of old rich white men blank checks to do as they please isn't a sound basis for a society's economic philosophy.

The income per capita for Owsley County is
(which means all of Owsley County is below the federal poverty line)

The income per capita for Oldham County is

Boone County

Kenton County

Breckinridge County

Calloway County

Letcher County


Indian Hills

Rolling Fields


Mockingbird Valley


Kentucky Stats
4.4 Million Kentucky citizens
88.5% White
68.4% House Ownership Rate
$23,462 Money income per capita, 2009-2013
$43,036 Median Household Income, 2009-2013

My Mother tells me about a time when she needed Food Stamps. She was the only one with a job, and had several mouths to feed, but the Food Stamp Nazis didn't think she was deserving of Food Stamps, and so, therefore, she was rejected. The poorest of the poor get public assistance, but not those who are working and struggling at a real job, who is doing what they are supposed to do? Does this mean, the poorest of the poor need to retain their noble status by remaining, the poorest of the poor?

She tells me this as a point of pride. She didn't want to have to ask somebody for help. And then when she finally did ask somebody for help, she was rejected. Rejected from getting free stuff. Free stuff meant for the poor, which she was, but it didn't matter to the Captain of the Food Stamps.

Then we lived in Florida for a year. Florida said it was okay for my mother to eat. In fact, she had a good job down there, and still was able to get food stamps. And we ate well in Florida.

Food Stamps, LIHEAP, and all other government programs, Extension Office, Roads, etc, are passed down from Frankfort to all 120 local county governments. Once a local official receives these monies, they make sure all of their friends know about the program. The poorest of the poor gets to use these benefits, maybe, but definitely all of their friends who happen to “fit” the guidelines will receive all the benefits they can get. Once their friends get the benefits.

That's what corruption looks like.

The Budget of Kentucky should be listed online, with every single penny accounted for, from when it moves from Frankfort to the local offices.

So while I agree with social programs, the corruption makes it to where folks who need it aren't getting it, and that's a problem. We're paying taxes for a ton of corrupt cronies that aren't doing their jobs. We as Kentuckians are saddled with a bigger burden than poor folks needing food or electricity: we're paying top dollar salaries for these spoils system machine political cronies. We aren't wasting money for free stuff for the poor... we're wasting money for corrupt thieves who pass very little out to the poor. It's for their livelihoods, and their friend's livelihoods. Some folks ask me how do I plan on paying for a GMI, but that's what all of those sucking on Kentucky's government teat are doing. Many folks already have a “Guaranteed Minimum Income”... such as the State Police, or the Office of the Secretary for the Finance & Administration Cabinet.

What does the Finance & Administrative Cabinet do again? I'm sure it's important... KHEAA is a part of them... does that have something to do with approving Tuition Rate Hikes for University students? And how come this isn't taught to every single Kindergartener in the State? Aren't teachers “public officials” too? Is it their job to keep the student masses dumb and ignorant and obedient, so they never know anything, and fail in this world? Teachers aren't doing their jobs. Students aren't learning. Poverty runs rampant in Kentucky, and all folks can blame, is Obama. It's all his fault... as if Kentucky wasn't poor before Obama got into office.

In fact, it's Obama that's helping Kentucky the most.

For ex-coal miners, he's giving them money.

Plus money to fix decapitated mountains.

Obama also saved Kentuckians from the Ice Storm and Tornadoes and Winter storms this year.

Plus the Stimulus jobs and public works projects. Obama's done a bunch of good for Kentucky.

But you won't hear Jack Conway say this. He's suing Obama.


Part of me feels like Kentucky deserves it. For being loud, obnoxious, and consistently voting Republican for decades even though they're on the dole. One can bite the hand that feeds for so long. The chickens can only vote for Colonel Sanders a few times until they get decapitated and served for dinner. If you're not at the table, then you're probably what's for dinner. So for Owlsey County, Clay County, all Social Security recipients... that's Socialism. That's a government handout. For all government workers, who get paid a decent salary, but isn't forthcoming with information, is just looking for reasons to knock somebody off the scrolls, just for the fuck of it, just because you can't help everybody, or because you're boss told you to, or because you don't like the look of somebody's face.

I can only blame the educational system and media for so long. We live in the Internet generation, and we're going to die of ignorance by choice.

Major Democratic pundits have started calling out Kentucky, and saying they need to be cut off.

Harvard has called our State the most illegally corrupt, and legally corrupt, in 2014... these poor statistics aren't getting any better. Republicans always talk about properity, and yet, the reddest states have the poorest statistics out here. I'm glad Mississippi exists, for Kentucky isn't as bad as Mississippi, but instead of comparing and contrasting ourselves with those on the bottom, what if we began to produce as much GDP as New York and California? What if we looked to Illinois and Florida, and all the rest of the States, and countries in the world, and did


Comparing the USA to the EU, Kentucky is Greece. We're the ones who keep on getting bailed out. We're the ones who take more than our fair share.

And that sucks. Because it's not getting into the right people's pockets. It's all about the economics.


1- General Government Cabinet (GGC)

Unified Prosecutorial Systems (31-030)
Registry of Election Finance (31-066)
Department of Veterans' Affairs (31-074)
Military Affairs Commission (31-076)
Kentucky Infrastructure Authority (31-082)
Agricultural Development Board (31-089)
Office of Homeland Security (31-094)
Department of Military Affairs
National Guard
Government Office of Minority Empowerment
Office of Faith-Based & Community Non-profit Social Services (31-099)
Department for Local Government (31-112)
Early Childhood Advisory Council (31-135)
Human Rights Commission (31-370)
Real Estate Commission (31-395)
Commission on Women (31-400)
Council on Postsecondary Education (31-415)
Office of State Budget Director (31-765)
Boards and Commissions
Department of Agriculture (31-035)
Attorney General (31-040)
Auditor of Public Accounts (31-045)
Secretary of the State (31-120)
State Treasurer (31-125)


2- Economic Development Cabinet (EDC)https://www.thinkkentucky.com/KYEDC/WhoWeAre.aspx

Office of the Secretary
Responsible for the development and administration of executive policies and for the overall management of the agency. The office also coordinates legislative inquiries and assists with relevant legislative initiatives.

Department for Business Development
Responsible for assisting and encouraging new investment, job creation and retention by working with new and existing businesses. The department provides project management services, including in-state and out-of-state industry visits, information gathering for clients regarding their location/expansion requirements, traveling with client representatives to view properties and communities, assisting with applicable financial incentives and facilitating workforce training solutions. The department also maintains two international offices in Japan and Germany that facilitate foreign direct investment and provides oversight for the Bluegrass State Skills Corporation.

Office of Research and Public Affairs
Responsible for supporting business development in the state through marketing and communications activities, research support, database and GIS analysis and development and site evaluation services.

Office of Entrepreneurship
Provides counseling, training and programs that support entrepreneurship and small business development, as well as encourages export growth opportunities. The office also provides oversight for the Kentucky Commission on Small Business Advocacy and manages the Kentucky Innovation Network, a statewide network of Innovation and Commercialization Centers and satellite offices that provide assistance to knowledge-based firms throughout Kentucky.

Office of Financial Services
Provides Cabinet-wide services in areas of accounting, budgetary and fiscal affairs, program administration, compliance, personnel and administrative functions.

Office of Legal Services
Handles all legal issues for the Cabinet and provides general analysis of programmatic and internal administrative issues.

Office of Commerce and Innovation?


3- Transportation Cabinet (TC)
Office of the Secretary
Office of Public Affairs
Office for Civil Rights & Small Business ?
Office of Inspector General
Office of Budget & Fiscal Management
Office of Legal Services
Office of Support Services
Department of Aviation
Office of Human Resource Management
Office of Information Technology
Office of Audits
Office of Transportation Del?
Department of Highways
Office of Project Development
Office of Project Delivery & Preservation
Office of Highway Safety
Department of Rural & Munipal Aid
Office of Local Programs
Office of Rural & Secondary Roads
Department of Vehicle Regulations


4- Finance & Administration Cabinet (FAC)
Public Auctions of State and Federal Surpluses:http://finance.ky.gov/services/surplus/pages/default.aspx
Ebay (Lots of Knives for Sale):http://stores.ebay.com/KYsurplus?_rdc=1
April 24, 2015 State Police Vehicle Auction in Frankfort:http://finance.ky.gov/services/surplus/Pages/UpcomingPublicAuctions.aspx

1- Office of the Secretary (Lori Hudson Flanery + 2 Deputy Secretaries): http://finance.ky.gov/offices/Pages/secretary.aspx
2- Kentucky Higher Education Assistance Authority (KHEAA)
3- Office of Kentucky Afford? Prepaid Tuition Plan (KAPT)
4- Kentucky Agricultural Finance Corporation
5- Commonwealth Office of Technologyhttp://technology.ky.gov/Pages/default.aspx
6- Office of Enterprise Technology
7- Office of Infrastructure Services
8- Office of Application Development
9- Office of Chief Information Security Officer
10- Office of Information Technology Services
11- Kentucky Housing Corporation
12- Kentucky River Authority
13- Office of PVA's
14- Department of Revenuehttp://revenue.ky.gov/
15- Office of Processing & Enforcement
16- Office of Property Valuation
17- Office of Sales & Excise Taxes
18- Office of Income Taxation
19- Office of Field Operations
20- PVA Office (ACCT)
21- Kentucky Turnpike Authority
22- Office of Administration Services
23- Office of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Contract Compliancehttp://finance.ky.gov/offices/Pages/equalOpportunity.aspx
24- Office of General Counsel
25- Office of Legal Services for Finance & Technology
26- Office of Legal Services for Revenue
27- Office of Legislative & Intragovernmental Affairs (OLIA)http://finance.ky.gov/offices/Pages/legisaffairs.aspx
28- Office of Policy & Audit (OPA)http://finance.ky.gov/offices/Pages/policyaudit.aspx
29- Office of the Controllerhttp://finance.ky.gov/offices/controller/Pages/default.aspx
30- Office of Financial Management
31- Office of Procurement Services
32- Office of Statewide Accounting Services
33- Sheriff's Expenditure? Allowance
34- Office of Governmental Services Center
35- Department for Facilities & Support Services
36- Office of Building & Mechanical Services
37- Office of Facility Development & Efficiency
38- Office of Public Informationhttp://finance.ky.gov/offices/Pages/publicinfo.aspx
39- Commonwealth Credit Union
40- Kentucky Higher Education Student Loan
41- Executive Branch Ethics Commission
42- Kentucky Retirement Systems
43- Kentucky River Authority
44- Kentucky Teacher's Retirement Systemhttp://finance.ky.gov/offices/Pages/default.aspx


5- Tourism, Arts, & Heritage Cabinet (TAHC)
1- Kentucky State Fair Board
2- Office of Administration and IT
3- Office of Human Resources & Access Control
4- Kentucky Heritage Council
5- Kentucky Arts Council
6- Kentucky Historical Society
7- Kentucky Center for the Arts
8- Kentucky Fish & Wildlife Resources
9- Kentucky Horse Park
10- Kentucky Department of Parks
11- Office of the Secretary
12- Office of Finance
13- Office of Legal Affairs
14- Ofice of Government Relations & T? Dev
15- Office of Human Resources
16- Office of Public Affairs & Constituent Services
17- Office of Creative Services?
18- Office of Capital Plaza Operations
19- Office of Arts and Cultural Heritage
20- Office of Sports Authority
21- Office of Research & Administration
22- Kentucky Artisans Center at Berea
23- Kentucky Department of Travel


6- Education and Workforce Development Cabinet (EWDC)
1- Office of the Secretary
2- Office of Communication
3- Office of Administration & Budget
4- Office of Special Programs
5- Office of Legal & Legislative Services
6- Office of Education and Workforce Statistics
7- Office of Technology Services
8- Educational Professional Standards Board
9- Commission on Deaf & Hard of Hearing
10- Kentucky Environmental Education Council
11- Department for Workforce Investment
12- Office of Employment & Training
13- Office of Vocational Rehabilitation
14- Office of the Blind
15- Kentucky Commission on Proprietary Education
16- Department of Education
17- Office of Administration &Support
18- Office of Knowledge, Information, and Data Services
19- Office of Guiding Support Services
20- Office of the Nxt G? Schools & District
21- Office of Assessment & Accountability
22- Office of Next Generation? Learners
23- Office of Career & Technical? Education
24- Kentucky Educational Television
25- Department for Libraries & Archives


7- Cabinet for Health & Family Services (CHFS)
1- Office of the Secretary
2- Office of Legal Services
3- Office of Comm? & Administration Rev
4- Office of Human Resource Management
5- Office of Policy & Budget
6- Office of Admin & Tech Servces
7- Office of the Ombudsman
8- Office of the Inspector General
9- Office of Health Policy
10 -Dept for Aging & Independent Living
11- Dept for Income Support
12- Department for Public Health
13- Department for Beh HLTH DV & INT DIS
14- Office of the Commissioner
15- Department for Fam Res Ctrs & Vol Services
16- Department for Medicaid Services
17- Medicaid Services Benefits
18- Comm for Children w/ SP CL Healthcare NDS
19- Ky off of Health Benefits & Health Info Exchange


8- Justice & Public Safety Cabinet (JPSC)
1- Office of the Secretary
2- Office of Mgmt & Admin Srvs
3- Office of Legal Services
4- Office of the State Medical Examiner
5- Office of Legislative & Intergvm Mental Services
6- Office of Drug Control Policy
7- Department for Public Advocacy
8- Kentucky State Police
9- Department of Juvenile Justice
10- Department of Criminal Justice Training
11- Department of Corrections
12- Office of Adults Institutions
13- Office of Community Services & Facilities
14- Office of Support Services


9- Personnel Cabinet (PC)
Office of the Secretary
Office of Administrative Services
Office of Legal Services
Office of Employee Relations
Office of Diversity & Equality
Government Services Center
Center of Strategic Innovation
Kentucky Public Employees Deferred Comp Authority
Department of Human Resources Administration
Department of Employee Insurance


10- Labor Cabinet (LC)
Larry L. Roberts is Labor Chiefhttp://www.dol.gov/whd/contacts/state_of.htm
502 564 3070
Learn about your Rights as an Employee! (there are none. Shut your mouth!):http://kentucky.gov/employment/pages/emp_rights.aspx
Office of the Secretary
Office of General Counsel
Department of Workplace Standards
Department of Workers Claims
Worker's Compensation Board
Office of Adminstrat? Law Judges
Office of General Counsel for Worker's Claims
Kentucky OSH? Review Commission
Worker's Compensation Funding Comm
Office of General ADM & PRG SPT for Shared Services
Office of Insurance Gen for Shared Services
Kentucky Occup Safety & Health Standards Board
State Labor Relations Board


11- Energy & Environment Cabinet (EEC)
Environmental Quality Comm
Mine Safety Review Comm
Kentucky Public Service Commission
Kentucky State Nature Preserves Comm
Office of the Secretary
Office of Legislative & Intergovernmental Affairs
Office of Admin Hearings
Office of General Counsel
Department for Energy Development & Independence

Department for Natural Resources
-Division of Oil & Gas (Dept of Natural Resource Sub-Cabinet)
-Division of Tech & Admin Support
-Division of Mine Reclamation & Enforcement
-Division of Abandoned Mine Lands
-Division of Conservation
-Division of Mine Permits
-Division of Forestry

Office of Mine Safety & Licensing
-9 sub-Cabinets under them

Office of the RCLMTN Guarenty? Fund
RCLMTN Guarnty...
Department for Environmental Protection

as of


12- Public Protection Cabinet (PPC)
Board of Claims & Crimes Victims Comp
Kentucky Board of Tax Appeals
Kentucky Horse Racing Commission
Office of the Executive Director
Office of the Secretary
Office of Communc & Public Outreach
Office of Legal Services
Department of Insurance
Office of Occp & Professions
Kentucky Boxing & Wrestling Assocation
Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control
Department of Charitable Gaming
Department of Financial Institutions
Department of Housing, Buildings & Construction


State Treasurerhttp://ballotpedia.org/File:KY_Tres_org_chart.JPG
Unclaimed Property is Usually Billions of Dollars

Salaries for Politicians Around Kentucky:

District Judges
Circuit Court Judges
Bradley Butler

here's a great page about salaries of public officials


Rick Pitino
(same salary as 362 Owsley Countians, combined)

Robert P. Petrino
Head Football Coach at UofL

Jeff J. Walz
Head Women's Basketball Coach 4 UofL

Over $1 Million Dollars to be the head women's basketball coach... you'd think we could find a woman to be in charge of other women. I'd get that done.

Joseph Zwischenberger
Department of Surgery

Michael Karpf
VP of Executive Health Affairs (UKHC)
University of Kentucky

Warren W. Boling Jr.
UofL Professor
Neurological Surgery

Michael Sekela
UK Professor

Roberto Bolli
UofL Professor Chair
Medical Department

David L. Dunn
Executive VP of UofL Health Affairs

On 2nd Page:
10 State Employees
Wage span $702,975-$575,000http://datacenter.courier-journal.com/government/salaries/

Matthew L. Mitchell
Head Woman's Basketball Coach at UK
$575,000 - $525,000
10 State Employees Salaries Wage Span

Eli Capilouto
President of UK

Page 4
$520,000 - $473,500
10 State Employees Salaries Wage Span

Daniel S. McDonnell
Head Baseball Coach of UofL

Steven S. Watson
Assistant Coach for UofL Football

Vance J. Bedford
Assistant Coach for UofL Football

Darin J. Eliot
Assistant Coach of UK Football

5th Page
$466,000 - $432,000
10 State Employees Salaries Wage Span

6th Page
$430,540 - $418,000
10 State Employees Salaries Wage Span

7th Page
$412,000 - $397,003
10 State Employees Salaries Wage Span

8th Page
$395,368 - $366,667
10 State Employees Salaries Wage Span

Clinton T. Hurtt
Assistant Coach of UofL Football

9th Page
$365,925 - $358,182
10 State Employees Salaries Wage Span

Robert L. King
President of General Government Cabinet
Executive Branch

10th Page
$358,000 - $350,000
10 State Employees Salaries Wage Span

Kenneth Payne
Assistant Men's Basketball Coach for UK

Suzanne T. Iidstad
Professor at UofL
Institute for Cellular Theraputics

The gravy train goes on until page 36

Clifford Rippetoe
Tourism, Arts & Heritage Cabinet

Clifford Rippetoe is the last person making $250,000. The next person, Julia Martin, an Associate Professor of Emergency Medicine at UK, makes $249,900, which would put her into the “Upper Middle Class” bracket, and therefore, not rich

249 more folks, from page 11 to page 36, make $250,000 and over
in addition to the first 100 rich folks I mentioned above


Arthur Gleason Jr.
President of Kentucky Lottery Commission
Getting that job is hitting the jackpot!

Margaret Gibbs
Executive VP of Kentucky Lottery Commission

For every $1 you spend, 75 cents of it goes to the government... I once heard. Maybe it was 50 cents... which is still quote ridiculous.

Gregory Heitzman
Executive Director of Metropolitan Sewer District

Paula Purifoy
Legal Counsel for Metropolitan Sewer District

Sharon P. Turner
Dean of College of Dentistry at UK

Gary L. Henderson
UK Head Baseball Coach

I was for capping at $41,000... but perhaps talent is needed. I propose that everybody be fired after 4 years. So train your replacements at your criminally high salaries, with them being bumped down 25% every year...

There's plenty of smart talented Kentuckians who can use these jobs instead of all these carpetbaggers. Hire them for $100,000, which is a great job with a great salary.

Many of these positions I'd cap at $41,000, but some of the medical and scientific salaries, they be worth their money, depending on how much of experts they are in their field, and how well they teach their talents to others.

But I can't budge past $100,000. Let's bring up Kentuckians into these positions.

How many Kentuckians did UofL or UK basketball even elevate? 2? That's it. Just 2? That's revolting. For a State that bleeds blue, we aren't producing enough talent for the likes of Pitino or Calipari. Plus, there's no assistant coaches in Kentucky who would be willing to work for $100,000 for UK? Of course there is. There's plenty of talent out here. Firing these folks opens up new jobs for Kentuckians.

So first it's “Look! It's March Madness!” and then it's “Look, it's Churchill Downs!”
Then, BAM! Kentucky Primary Election, May 19, 2015

James R. Ramsey
President of UofL

Shirley C. Willihnganz
Provort at UofL

Vincent L. Kellen
Chief Information Officer for UK

Wyking L. Jones
Assistant Men's UofL Basketball Coach

David A. Borbely
Assistant Football Coach of UofL

Bradley D. Peveto
Assistant Men's Football Coach at UK

John A. Robic
Assistant UK Basketball Coach

These assistant positions are even more sick when consider that the players get nothing. Rick Pitino once kicked a player off of his team because of cannabis.

Henry D. O'Hair
Dean of College of Communication and Information at UK

Allen J. Brenzel
Associate Professor of Psychiatry at UK

If the associate professor makes that, how much does the actual professor make? I haven't seen his name listed. Maybe I missed it.

David A. Brennen
Dean of UK College of Law

Donna M. Hargens
Superintendent of Jefferson County Public Schools (Louisville)

Kenneth R. Troske
B&E Economics Professor at UK

Jennifer L. Elliott
Associate VP of Health Affairs of UofL

Brian L. Jean-Mary
Assistant UofL Football Coach

William P. McKinney
Associate Dean of School of Public Health and Info Sci at UofL

Mark L. Kornbluh
Dean of College of Arts and Sciences at UK

Rohan A. Christie-David
UofL Professor of COB Finance

Patrick J. Moorer
Assistant UofL Football Coach

Mike G. Balado
UofL Men's Assistant Basketball Coach

Kenneth C. Lolla
UofL Men's Head Soccer Coach

The President of Kentucky State University Raymond Burse
By reducing his own annual salary of $349,869 by more than $90,000, 24 employees got a pay hike that took them from $7.25 an hour to $10.25 an hour. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/us-news/university-president-takes-90-000-pay-cut-gives-money-staff-n225406

a 2012 article : Meanwhile, public universities and community colleges have lost $105 million in state funding since 2006, bringing cuts to education programs and higher tuition for students. Higher education faces another possible cut, $62 million, over the next two years. http://www.kentucky.com/2012/03/20/2119071_pay-for-university-presidents.html

Steve Tribble
Christian County Judge-Executive

$100,000 for a Judge-Executive in 1 county... there's 120 counties, so that's $12 Million Dollars for Judge-Executives. Then there's the millionaire lawyer-judges... Kentucky could have so much more without lavish politicians taking all the damn money!!!

Nita Kay Leavell
Christian County Judge-Executive Budget Officer

Kelly Finley
Secretary to the Christian County Judge-Executive

Mike Foster
County Attorney of Christian County

Terry Bowman
8th District Magistrate of Christian County

Brad Boyd
Christian County Jailer

Angie Strader
Christian County Property Valuation Administrator

Livy Leavell
Christian County Sheriff

Mike Kem
County Clerk of Christian County

John L. Atkins
Christian County Circuit Court Judge

Jason Shea Fleming
Christian County Family Court Judge

Andrew C. Self
Christian County Circuit Court Judge

Arnold Lynch
Christian County District Court Judge

James Adams Jr.
Christian County District Court Judge

Gary Haddock
Christian County Circuit Court Clerk

Lynn Pryor
Christian County's State's Attorney

Kathi Adams
Assistant Christian County State's (Commonwealth's) Attorney

James Owen
Christian County Water District Chief

Charles Chambers
Christian County Public Works Chief

Christian County has 73,955 Kentucky souls living there, which is more than 3.5 times the population of Breckinridge County

15% of those 73,955 Christian Countians are poor.http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Christian_County,_Kentucky

Lisabeth Abramson
Supreme Court Justice

Glenn Acree
Chief Appellate Judge of Fayette County

Bruce Butler
Breckinridge County Circuit Court Judge

Sheila Carman
Breckinridge County Chief Deputy

Angela Cornatzer
Breckinridge County Regional Supervisor

Lee Durham
Breckinridge County Staff Attorney

Andrea Etheridge
Breckinridge County Pre-Trial Officer

Jennifer Ford
Breckinridge County District Court Bookkeeper

Rhonda Hobbs
Breckinridge County Deputy Clerk

Amber Horsley
Breckinridge County Deputy Clerk, Part-time

Stephanie Mehlbauer
Breckinridge County Deputy Clerk

Stacy Mudd
Breckinridge County Administrative Support Specialist

Cindy Rhodes
Breckinridge County Circuit Court Clerk

Shannon Stinnett
Breckinridge County Assistant Bookkeeper

Anita Tivitt
Breckinridge County Deputy Clerk

Shan Embry
Breckinridge/Grayson County District Judge

Kenneth Goff
Grayson/Breckinridge County District Judge

Gregory Bartlett
Kenton County Chief Regional Circuit Judge

Lisa Bushelman
Kenton County Circuit Court Judge

Kenneth Easterling
Kenton County District Court Judge
(April 2015 figures)

Douglas Grothaus
Kenton County District Judge

Michelle Keller
Supreme Court Justice (Kenton County)

Kathleen Lape
Kenton County Circuit Judge

Christopher Mehling
Kenton County Circuit Judge

John Middleton
Kenton County Circuit Court Clerk

Patricia Ruttle
Kenton County District Court

Patricia Summe
Kenton County Circuit Court Judge

Gregory Bartlett
Kenton County Chief Regional Circuit Judge

Lisa Bushelman
Kenton County Circuit Court Judge

Pamela McIntyre
Gallatin County Circuit Court Clerk

Dale Scudder
Trial Commissioner

Linda Bramlage
Boone/Gallatin Circuit Court Judge (Family)

Richard Brueggemann
Boone/Gallatin County Circuit Court Judge

Kentucky's Judicial Budget in 2012 was $370M http://opendoor.ky.gov/accountability/gengov/Pages/judicial.aspx


Kenneth Easterling
Kenton County District Court Judge
(April 2015 figures)

Deters told Easterling he should recuse himself because of prior interactions with Deters: http://www.wlwt.com/news/deters-asks-judge-to-recuse-himself-due-to-shared-history/27481174

Let's take one of the poor Judges, and see how big his pension will be when he finally decides to retire.

“Kenneth L. Easterling is a district court judge for the 16th District Court, which presides over Kenton County in Kentucky. He was elected in 2006 and re-elected without opposition in 2010 and 2014. His current four-year term expires on January 6, 2019.” http://ballotpedia.org/Kenneth_L._Easterling

Kenton County Judges are notorious for not giving anybody Public Pretenders. The threshold for if one can afford an attorney or not, by Easterling's own mouth, was “do you own a car?” I own a $1,500 piece of shit car... well then, clearly, you can sell it, and pay for an attorney! But I also wouldn't have a car to get to court... which I'm sure you'd hold me in contempt, even with a justified reason, get me thrown in jail, get raped, assaulted, if I decide to fight back... oh man, basically, ruin my life.

So Easterling makes $113K per year, and has been making $113K per year since 2006. That's 9 years he's been making 6 figures.

Here's the formula for how much retirement retired Judges get:

“State law entitles retired judges to a monthly retirement benefit of 2.75 percent of the judge's final yearly compensation multiplied by the years of service. Judges cannot receive benefits exceeding the amount of their final salaries.” http://www.ehow.com/info_7991903_average-salary-district-judges-kentucky.html

So we have $113,000 per year... if Kenneth Easterling was to stop Judging in 2019, then he would get 2.75% of $113,000 multiplied out by the number of years he's judged, which in 2019, would be 12 years.

2.75% of 113,000 = $3,107.5

3,107.5 times 12 = $37,209

That's how much retirement money he gets? This bullshit is ridiculous. He gets $37,209 dollars... for the rest of his life? Wtf Kentucky? Somebody needs to be looking at these books much much closer. How is this not criminal? How is this not official misconduct, and highway robbery?

I'd bust trusts too.

What if I'm just a Judge for 4 years... I get an extra $3,000 on top? And for those Judges who has been on the bench for decades... my god... they're making bank.

$37,209 is a great pension... that's a great yearly salary... for not doing jack shit. And District Judge are the poor judges... Circuit Court Judges make $125K, and Supreme Court Judges make $135K, or so. So that ups their yearly retirement... Circuit Court and Supreme Court Judges are also in there for 8 year terms...

Millionaire Judges.

I see a Kenneth Goff Industrial Park sign every time I drive into Leitchfield.

Kentucky's Judicial System is corrupt as fuck, and this is after the 2010 Judicial Budget slashing.

“Kentucky, in 2010, already SLASHED jobs in the Judicial Branch... it's still overly bloated. The Kentucky court system slashed costs in 2010. According to the Frankfort State Journal, the judicial branch slashed $7 million across all layers of the system. Chief Justice John Minton Jr. eliminated more than 100 jobs. Family and juvenile drug courts were also abolished. The court system also continued a hiring freeze to mitigate the number of layoffs required.” http://www.ehow.com/info_7991903_average-salary-district-judges-kentucky.html

The high amount of folks on Frankfort government's teat, whether free benefits, or employed, reminds me of Yuan Dynasty?

Grayson County's Cabinet for Health and Family Services is corrupt: http://www.topix.com/forum/city/leitchfield-ky/TKIB5AK32T2I0FKO5

Battletown Forum talk about District Court Judge race in 2010: http://www.topix.com/forum/city/battletown-ky/TBL4NK4U3V2AKE5RA

I'd fire the directors of all 12 Cabinets, and elevate others. 

I also kept the Office of Public Advocacy. 

I'd also increase the funding of Kentucky's Labor Cabinet.


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