Monday, May 11, 2015

May 19 Holidays and Events

May 19

May 19, 2007 - "Sicko" a documentary on the US health system, directed by Michael Moore has its premiere at the Cannes Film festival.

May 19, 2161 - Syzygy: 8 of 9 planets aligned on same side of sun

5/19: Newspaper in Education International Day?

1536. Anne Boleyn, the second wife of King Henry VIII, was beheaded.

5/19/1846: Robert Bailey Thomas, founded "The Farmer's Almanac", died.

May 19th Events. 1848 - Mexico gives Texas to US, ending Polk's Mexican war, which he lied us into.

May 19, 1856. Sen. Charles Sumner, Mass, spoke out against slavery. “The Crime Against Kansas” 3 days later, Preston Brooks caned Charles Sumner

1857. William Francis Channing & Moses G Farmer patents electric fire alarm.

1863 - Siege of Vicksburg, investment of city complete.

1884 - Ringling Brothers circus premieres

5/19/1884: Rabies treatment perfected.

May 19, 1890. Ho Chi Minh's Birthday. He would 125 years old today.

5/19/1895: Jose Julian Marti, Cuban author and political activist, killed.

1897 - Oscar Wilde is released from Reading Gaol.

1898 - Post Office authorizes use of postcards; 5/19/1898: Postcard first authorized.

1900 - World's longest railroad tunnel (Simplon) links Italy & Switz, opens
5/19/1906: Simplon Tunnel (Brig, Switzerland to Iselle, Italy) opened.

1910 - Passage of Earth through tail of Halley's Comet causes near-panic (like Y2K panic in 2000)'s_Comet 2061 Halley's Comet is supposed to come back. The 1910 pass of Earth was especially close and, thanks to expansive newspaper coverage, eagerly anticipated by the general public. In fact, Earth’s orbit carried it through the end of the comet’s 24-million-mile-long tail for six hours on May 19, earning the story the day’s banner headline in The New York Times.
While most reporters of the day turned to astronomers to get the facts straight, the yellow press chose to pursue the story in more fanciful ways, helping to fuel the fears of the impressionable that the end of the world was nigh. Despite some published reports leading up to the event, the comet’s tail did not contain poisonous gases, and there was never any danger of a celestial collision, either. In China, "doomsday rumour-mongers" are reportedly being arrested.

1921 Congress passed the Emergency Quota Act, establishing national quotas for immigrants.

1923 - KPD (communist revolts) in German Ruhr cities occupied by Allies

May 19, 1925. Malcolm X is born (1925).

1928 - "Firedamp" explodes in Mather Pa coal mine killing 195 of 273 miners

1930 - White women win voting rights in South Africa

5/19/1932: National Anthem memorizing resolution submitted to US House of
Representatives (Claude A. Fuller).

5/19/1935: T.E. Lawrence ("Lawrence of Arabia") died. 1935. British author and soldier, T. E. Lawrence, also known as "Lawrence of Arabia," died from injuries sustained in a motorcycle crash.

1939 - Churchill signs British-Russian anti-Nazi pact

1944 - 240 gypsies transported to Auschwitz from Westerbork, Netherlands
1944 - German defense line in Italy collapsed

1946 - Dutch Cooperation for Sexual Reform (NVSH) forms in Amsterdam

1951 - UN begins counter offensive in Korea

1953 - Nuclear explosion in Nevada (fall-out in St George, Utah)

1954 - Postmaster General Summerfield approves CIA mail-opening project

1958 - US & Canada form North American Air Defense Command (NORAD)

1959 - The USS Triton, the first submarine with two nuclear reactors, is completed

1960 - Belgian parliament requires rest day for self employed.

1962 - US performs nuclear test at Christmas Island (atmospheric).

1962. Marilyn Monroe sang “Happy Birthday” to president John F. Kennedy.
1965 - Patricia R Harris named 1st US black female ambassador (Luxembourg)
1967 - US bombs Hanoi

1967 - USSR ratifies treaty with Britain & US banning nuclear weapons in space

1968 - Pirate Radio Brumble of Northern England 1st heard
5/19/1971: Mars 2 (USSR), first Mars impact, launched.

May 19, 1972. Bombing of The Pentagon, "in retaliation for the U.S. bombing raid in Hanoi." The date was chosen for it being Ho Chi Minh's birthday. [NYT, 5/19/72] On May 19, 1972, Ho Chi Minh’s birthday, the Weather Underground placed a bomb in the women’s bathroom in the Air Force wing of the Pentagon. The damage caused flooding that destroyed computer tapes holding classified information. Other radical groups worldwide applauded the bombing, illustrated by German youths protesting against American military systems in Frankfurt. This was "in retaliation for the U.S. bombing raid in Hanoi." ''Everything was absolutely ideal on the day I bombed the Pentagon,'' he writes. But then comes a disclaimer: ''Even though I didn't actually bomb the Pentagon -- we bombed it, in the sense that Weathermen organized it and claimed it.'' He goes on to provide details about the manufacture of the bomb and how a woman he calls Anna placed the bomb in a restroom. No one was killed or injured, though damage was extensive.

5/19/1978: Pioneer/Venus 1 (US) launched.

1971 - USSR launches Mars 2, 1st spacecraft to crash land on Mars

1972 - US performs nuclear test at Nevada Test Site

May 19, 1972 - WMAV TV channel 18 in Oxford, MS (PBS) begins broadcasting

1976 - Senate establishes permanent Select Committee on Intelligence
1976 - USSR performs nuclear test at Eastern Kazakh/Semipalitinsk USSR

1981 - 5 British Army soldiers are killed when their armoured vehicle is ripped apart by a Provisional Irish Republican Army roadside bomb near Bessbrook, County Armagh

1983 - NASA launches Intelsat V satellite, no. 506

1983 - Weird Al Yankovic gives live performance at Wax Museum in Wash DC

1984 - "King Of Suede" by Weird Al Yankovic hits #62

1986 - Anti-apartheid activist Helene Passtoors sentenced to 10 yrs in S Afr

1987 - 1st American Comedy Award

1989 - Dow Jones Avg passes 2,500 mark for 1st time, closes at 2,501.1

1991 - Willy T. Ribbs becomes 1st African American driver to make Indianapolis 500

1995 - World's youngest doctor, Balamurali Ambati, 17, graduates Mount Sinai.

1996 - STS 77 (Endeavour 11) launches into orbit. STS-77 was the 77th Space Shuttle mission and the 11th mission of the Space Shuttle Endeavour.[1] The mission began from launch pad 39B from Kennedy Space Center, Florida on 19 May 1996 lasting 10 days and 40 minutes and completing 161 revolutions before landing on runway 33.

May 19, 2009 - Sri Lanka announces victory in its 27 year war against the terrorist organisation, Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam.


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